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Pedestal Stand


The problem with many pedestal or floor stands is that they don't travel well. Many also have a tendency to fall easily when you are hooking a large rug.



My pedestal stand has a wide adjustable base that can be spread to give you great stability. It incorporates a unique dumbbell upright that uses nylon balls to eliminate wear and squeaking while providing a great range of movement since is swivels top and bottom. My stand can also come apart to make travelling a lot more convenient.

I use high quality brass-insert knobs, which unlike wingnuts, eliminate slippage of bolts.


- Can be used for most popular clamping frames

- Adjustable

- Stable

- Tilts, swivels and rotates

- Industrial quality easy-grip knobs

- Squeak-free industrial quality nylon balls

- Handcrafted from solid ash hardwood with new wide angle clamping block

New - Locking base provides three configurations to suit your seating

- Holds large rug hooking projects without tipping

- Double-ball joint for maximum swiveling angle adjustment

- Aesthetically pleasing and snag-free rounded edges

- Packs for travel - components nest together into a neat package using included Velcro straps


- When opened to 90 degrees, base stance is 22" (56 cm) wide x 13" (33 cm)

- Height from floor to centre of ball is 28" (71 cm) maximum (lower when tilted)

- When packed for travel, 21½" (35cm) x 5½" (14 cm) x 4½" (12 cm)

    * Standard double-ball upright; custom sizes available


- 6½ lbs (3 kg)


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